Amanda Spriggs (2017) edit
University at Albany (SUNY)
Primate Behavior and Ecology
Sensory Ecology
Current position: Adjunct Professor
Current affiliation: University at Albany - SUNY, Russell Sage College
Research website: Link
Research description: I am a biological anthropologists interested in better understanding visual signals that primates use and the selection pressures that act on the presence or absence of these signals. For my dissertation, I explored if and how lemurs use visual signals in pelage to communicate quality to conspecifics, identity to congenerics, and to camouflage from predators. To address my research questions, I used digital photography and method of color analysis called Eigencoats, developed by myself and Adam Gordon, to quantify and analyze coloration of museum preserved lemur skins. In order to accurately explore primate coloration, it is important to also understand primate visual systems. Like many platyrrhines, lemurs experience polymorphic trichromacy, which results in all males and some females being functionally color blind and some females possessing trichromacy (the ability to distinguish between red, green, and blue). I am interested in understanding the selection pressures that have driven and maintain this variation, and in determining if reproductive success is linked with certain visual systems.
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