Robert Anemone (1988) mode_edit
University of Washington
Fossil Primates
Functional Morphology
Current position: Professor and Department Head
Current affiliation: University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Research website: Link
Research description: Originally trained as a primate functional morphologist, I have expanded my research portfolio to include vertebrate paleontology and primate evolution, especially across the Paleocene-Eocene boundary in the western United States. I have participated in fieldwork in the Plio-Pleistocene of Africa (Kenya and South Africa), but have spent most of the past 25 summer field seasons working in the Great Divide Basin of southwestern Wyoming. Recently I have been developing new geospatially-informed approaches to paleontological fieldwork including predictive modeling of fossil-bearing localities, and 3-D photogrammetric modeling of individual sites. Our team has also pioneered the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (both quad copters and fixed wing UAVs) in paleontological fieldwork.
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Gerald Eck (1977) mode_edit
University of California, Berkeley